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Bulgarian Non-Governmental Organizations

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

ACCESS Foundation

Partnership Foundation

International Centre for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations

Beva Foundation

Partners Bulgaria Foundation

Centre for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance

Open Society Foundation - Sofia

Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights

Samaritans Association

Turkish Cultural Center - 21th Century

Rule of Law Institute

Center for Social Practices

Drom Organization

Society and Information Foundation

National Helpdesk for Intercultural Learning Materials

Organisation of the Jews in Bulgaria Shalom

Indi-Roma 97 Social Foundation

Rousse's Catholic Organisation - Caritas

Centre for Liberal Strategies Foundation

C.E.G.A Foundation

NGO Centre Razgrad

Roma - Lom Foundation

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

Step by Step Programme Foundation

Media Development Centre

Paydeya Foundation

Assistance Centre for Torture Survivors

Government Institutions

Commission For Protection Against Discrimination

Human Rights and Religious Affairs Committee

National Council on Ethnic and Demographic Issues

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Healthcare

Ministry of Culture

International Organizations

United Nations Development Programme

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

European Court of Human Rights

Roma Website of the World Bank

European Network Against Racism

European Roma Information Office

European Roma Rights Center

The Migration Policy Group

Open Society Institute-Roma Programs

Internet Centre  Anti-racism Europe

Minority Rights Group International

Pakiv- European Roma Fund

Monitoring Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe

Federal Union of European Nationalities

Policing Minorities- Regional Network

The Runnymede Trust

United for Intercultural Action

Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center - Romania

The resource center for roma communities - Romania

Interethnic Relations Research Center - RomaniaRighting the Roma Foundation-CanadaSpolu International - The Netherlands supports initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe, aiming to improve the socio-economic position of Roma communities


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