Rumena Filipova

Research Fellow, Economic Program

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DPhil and MPhil in International Relations, University of Oxford

BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology, University of Cambridge


Rumena Filipova's primary research focus at CSD is related to Russian politics and influence in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly with regard to Russia's media leverage. She holds PhD in International Relations, having completed a doctoral thesis on The Differential Europeanisation of Central and Eastern Europe, 1989-2000: A Constructivist Study of the Foreign Policy Identities of Poland, Bulgaria and Russia. The doctoral research employs constructivism, social psychology and an interpretivist methodology, drawing on 75 elite interviews.

Rumena's wider research experience has encompassed teaching undergraduate courses at Oxford (Theory and History of International Relations), university research assistance on issues such as Russian regional relations – politics of spheres of influence, European integration, and U.S. foreign policy in East Asia, as well as conference organisation and outreach.

She has been a visiting fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center, the Polish Institute of International Affairs, and Chatham House, among others.

Selected Publications

“Critical Juncture? Bulgaria after the Snap Poll in October 2014: Change and continuity in politics, foreign policy and the economy“’; Conference Report, September 2015, SEESOX, editors: Dr. Othon Anastasakis and Rumena Filipova; co-authors: Rumena Filipova, Stanislava Topouzova, Ivaylo Iaydjiev, Ivo Gruev, online available at

Research focus

international relations, Central and Eastern Europe, Russian domestic politics and foreign policy, media


English, Russian, German