Martin Vladimirov

Analyst, Economic Program

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Martin has a Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, where he specialized in energy resources and the environment.

B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Adelphi University in New York.


Martin Vladimirov is an analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy. His work at the Center focuses on an analysis of the energy security in Europe and on the Balkans, macroeconomic competitiveness, political risk, alternative energy technologies and stability of financial markets.

He has been working in energy and political analysis for the last three years both academically and professionally. He worked as an energy analyst for The Oil and Gas Year, which produces in-depth overviews of the energy sectors of the major oil and gas producers around the world. In his capacity of an analyst, he discusses all relevant issues in the energy supply chain for a specific country. He completed two annual oil & gas reports for Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and most recently Saudi Arabia.

Previously, he worked as an energy and economic analyst for CEE Market Watch, where he was producing short intra-daily analysis of economic and energy issues for Iran and Central Asia. Meanwhile, he has been a remote political risk analyst for IHS writing assessment briefs for Bulgaria, the Balkans, South Caucasus and Central Asia. During his studies at SAIS, Mr. Vladimirov taught seminars in theory of international security under Dr. Marco Cesa.

Martin Vladimirov has also worked as an independent energy consultant on several projects for international oil companies on the topics of natural gas in the GCC and MENA countries. He is also an affiliated expert at the European Geopolitical Forum in Brussels.

He has several academic publications and has written also for energy magazines including for the Petroleum Economist.

Research focus

Energy security, macroeconomic competitiveness, political risk, alternative energy technologies and stability of financial markets.

Selected Publications

Vladimirov, M. et. al. 2018. Assessing Russia’s Economic Footprint in the Western Balkans. Corruption and State Capture Risks. Sofia: Center for the Study of Democracy.

Vladimirov, M. et. al. 2016. Vladimirov, Martin and Bengisu Özenc. 2017. Towards a Stronger EU-Turkey Energy Dialogue: Energy Security Perspectives and Risks. Ankara: Center for the Study of Democracy/TEPAV.

Kremlin Playbook: Understanding Russian Influence in Central and Eastern Europe. Washington D.C.: CSIS/Rowman & Littlefield.

Vladimirov, M, and Stefanov, R., Bulgaria and the South Stream Pipeline Project – At the Crossroads of Energy Security and State Capture Risks, Südosteuropa Mitteilungen 05, no. 06 (2014): 54-72.

Vladimirov, M. 2014. The Gas-OPEC Myth. Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3-659-59687-2

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Vladimirov, M. 2010. The Geoeconomic significance of Energy Routes on the Balkans, Sofia: Institute for Market Economics, Policy Report


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