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European Standards and Ombudsman Institutions in Southeast Europe
The publication presents a summary of the discussion at the International Conference European Standards and Ombudsman Institutions in Southeast Europe held on June 6-8, 2002, in Sofia and organized jointly by the Center for the Study of Democracy and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. more »
Smuggling in Southeast Europe
The paper highlights the decisive impact the Yugoslav wars had on the development of the regional criminal networks. The research reveals the connection between the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and the growth of the trans-border crime in the region, and also looks at the related issue of corruption. more »
Reforming Judiciary in Bulgaria: Towards the Introduction of Modern Registration System
The brochure was published for the workshop: Reforming Judiciary in Bulgaria: Towards the Introduction of Modern Registration System, held in September 2002. It contains the full text of the report on the opportunities for developing Central Register of Legal Entities and Electronic Registries Center in Bulgaria, presentation of the experience of Norway and other European countries as well as information on the European Business Register. more »
Counter-Terrorism Measures of the Republic of Bulgaria
The CSD and Ministry of Foreign Affairs collected the main official documents related to the suppression of terrorism which had been adopted by the Bulgarian government and the UN Security Council. more »
Civic Defender and Local Civic Mediators: Concept Paper and Draft Law
The publication consists of both a concept paper and a proposal for a draft law for the establishment of the institutions of the Civic Defender and Local Civic Mediator in Bulgaria. It is the result of the extended research work carried out by the Law Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy during the period 1998 - 2002. more »
Corruption Assessment Report 2001
Coalition 2000 published its third annual Corruption Assessment Report which follows the structure and approach of the Action Plan adopted by the Policy Forum of Coalition 2000 in November, 1998 more »
CSD Annual Report 2002
The year 2002 has been important and successful for Bulgaria ’s aspiration to become a member of NATO and the European Union.An invitation to join the Alliance and a clear road map for EU integration came as a result of years of sustained government effort and wide public support.What became nonetheless apparent was that to undertake the obligations of membership the country needed a significant improvement in the capacity to apply the law.Thus,CSD ’s focus on the linkages between the rule of law and a number of soft security issues was again at the forefront of transition reforms. more »
Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: First Steps and Policies
The main goal of the report is to sensitize politicians and civil society to the specific set of sources of corruption in the region. more »
Corporate Governance: An Antidote to Corruption
The phenomenon referred to as corruption comprises the sundry forms of abuse of power (economic, political and administrative) which all result in obtaining personal or collective benefits to the detriment of the rights and lawful interests of an individual, groups or the whole society. Corruption hinders development virtually everywhere, thus harming the social, political, and economic life of any society. It distorts choice, increases costs of products and services, promotes unproductive investment, contributes to decline of living standards and undermines democracy and societal integrity. more »
Corruption, Trafficking and Institutional Reform
The present report summarizes researches and discussions conducted by members of the expert group within the framework of the Bulgarian anti-corruption initiative. more »