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Coalition Building and Monitoring in Transition Countries
Once an "exotic" issue in the diplomatic exchanges, corruption became a constant part of the agenda of the international community in the early and mid-1990s. more »
English-Bulgarian Corporate Governance Dictionary
The Bulgarian and South East Europe experience during the last decade indicates that a successful transition to a market economy requires not only ownership transfer, but the building up of an institutional environment as well, where private property can operate effectively while being engaged with social welfare. This is a crucial component for establishing accountable, rational and owners-oriented mechanisms for economic entities management. The problems regarding the proper identification and effective implementation of these mechanisms represent the main issues of corporate governance. more »
Annual Report 2001
For Bulgaria, 2001 was the year of parliamentary elections that brought to power a new coalition government. One of its main stated intentions was to prioritize anti-corruption in its reform policies. This came at a time when CSD, and its partners under Coalition 2000, had built up a significant capacity in establishing partnerships among public and non-governmental institutions in the various areas of combating corruption - monitoring, awareness, legislative and judicial reforms, etc. more »
Background Document on Corruption in Southeast Europe
The Background Document on Corruption in Southeast Europe was developed within as part of the Coalition Building and Monitoring for Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe project as part of the more »
Policy Report on the Implications for Bulgaria of Regional Cooperation and the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe
The paper does not provide an exhaustive coverage of Stability Pact project areas - a task completed through various other mechanisms elsewhere – but rather an emphasis of the common approaches still missing in the implementation of Pact objectives, as seen from a Bulgarian perspective. The paper thus opted for highlighting an aspect that could be seen as obvious but whose acknowledgment is not supported by practical measures – the need for common solutions to regional stabilization and development initiated and worked out by the countries themselves. more »
Corporate Governance Assessment Report: 2000
The present report has the objective to provide an overview of the general framework and particular dimensions of the corporate governance in Bulgaria. It is published for the first time and the authors intend to continue its publication on an annual basis. In its present form, the study contains information thus far unavailable to the professional community and the media. The evaluations and analyses herein are the first attempt to outline the achievements and the problems in the field of corporate governance in Bulgaria in the years of transition. The authors of the report thus aim to encourage a wider discussion on the subject and that, as a result, practical improvement action will be undertaken. more »
The present action plan contains practical measures and proposals for the improvement of the corporate governance in Bulgaria. It was prepared by the expert group, working on projects within the Corporate Governance Initiative in Bulgaria. A substantial part of the proposals were induced by the results and analyses presented in the Corporate Governance Assessment Report:2000, other expert opinions have also been used for the regulatory changes and improvement of the practice in that aspect. more »
Determinants of European Union Enterprises Relocation in Bulgaria
The article aims at identifying and measuring the determinants of the European union enterprises’ relocation in Bulgaria and their impact on the relations between foreign and local enterprises; an area, in which positive effects concerning the recipient country are expected. more »
Information Technologies Against Corruption
The reader is the latest edition of of anti-corruption series of Coalition 2000. It addresses the role of Information Technologies (IT) in public sector reform. more »