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Program for Judicial Reform in Bulgaria
The Program for Judicial Reform in Bulgaria has been drafted by eminent Bulgarian lawyers within the framework of the Judicial Reform Initiative (JRI). The latter benefits from the combined efforts of State authorities, representatives of influential non-governmental organizations, and experts who offer their expertise in order to ensure further successful development of judicial reform in Bulgaria. more »
Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature: Legal Aspects (only in Bulgarian)
The book offers an overview of the development of e-signature legislation in various countries and contains foreign and international acts related to e-commerce, including the legislation of the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, the US (state of Utah), Spain and other countries, international law as well as the Bulgarian Draft Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature developed by CSD Law Program experts. more »
Establishing Corporate Governance in an Emerging Market: Bulgaria
In Bulgaria until very recently corporate governance and control were a perplexing and unintelligible concept not only for the bulk of small shareholders, who had acquired equity through mass privatisation, but also for representatives of government institutions and private businesses. Today, the importance of the problem, particularly for an economy badly needing restructuring, is realised at the top government level. As a result of the active efforts of the professional community and the media, in Bulgaria meetings, discussions, training workshops and sociological surveys were conducted, which led to the first serious publications on corporate governance and control. more »
Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention, 1st edition
Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention is the new brochure, recently published by the Center for the Study of Democracy of its Reports and Analyses series more »
Counteracting the Corruption in Local Authorities (available only in Bulgarian)
The reader contains Bulgarian experts' analysis with practical data about the legislative framework of local self-government, the opportunities of direct and indirect civic involvement, new forms of civic control applied in municipalities in local issues decision-making and combating corruption. more »
Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption (only in Bulgarian)
"Criminal Law Issues in Combating Corruption" is entitled the new brochure of the series of anti-corruption publications of Coalition 2000 more »
MONITOR (1998-2000)
The CSD Monitor Periodical was published troughout the period 1998 - 2000 in English and Bulgarian. The bulletin, which was widely distributed to Members of Parliament, government officials, media, local administration and intternational donors, covered all major CSD activites and events, research and advocacy in the field of more »

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