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Series of Videoconferences: Private Sector Development
On 25 October 2006 the Distance Learning Center - Sofia and World Bank's Global Development Learning Network (GDLN), with the support of the Austrian Development Agency launched three series of videoconferences in the framework of the Private Sector Development Initiative for Southeastern Europe. The series ended in May 2007. more »
Series of Videoconferences: Italy and its Industrial Clusters
On 2 February 2006 the Distance Learning Center launched series of five videoconferences which aim to present the Italian model for economic development and the role of the industrial clusters for setting a viable economic and social environment. more »
Videoconference on Social Entrepreneurship
On 30 January 2006 the Distance Learning Center hosted a videoconference to present the global social entrepreneurs’ experiences. The participants underlined that the social entrepreneurship is essential for solving a number of problems including development of low income communities, management of infrastructure, basic educational needs, natural disaster mitigation, etc. more »
Videoconference: World AIDS Day
On 1 December 2005, Sofia Distance Learning Center hosted a videoconference dedicated to the World AIDS Day. The videoconference linked young people in different geographic locations who shared information, best practices, and lessons learned in HIV/AIDS prevention. more »

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