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Money Laundering and Criminal Asset Confiscation

In countering organized crime and corruption, money laundering is the key link that closes up the cycle of criminal activities and turns them into legitimate ones in the black and grey economy. Respectively, the forfeiture of assets from criminal activities puts to the test the ability of law enforcement bodies and the political will of the government to counter organized crime and its business endeavors. This substantiates the long-lasting interest of the Center for the Study of Democracy in the phenomenon as well as the conduct of numerous events related to good practices in asset forfeiture that have proven successful in US or EU Member States. In its work on these topics, CSD works closely with the Commission on Establishing of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity (CEPACA) and Supreme Prosecution Office of Cassation . On the matters of asset confiscation, the European Program works closely with CSD’s Law Program.


CSD Brief No 33: Management and Disposal of Confiscated Criminal Assets

Investigation of Money Laundering: An Institutional Approach – 16 February 2010

Round table: Criminal Assets Recovery: Irish and Bulgarian Experience – November 29,2007

Public discussion: The British Policies and Approach to Assets Recovery – July 8, 2004

Assets forfeiture: a mechanism for combating corruption and organized crime – June 3, 2004

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