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Security conferences

Round Table: Bulgarian National Security Strategy - 30th June 2010

Seminar: United States National Security Priorities and Options – February 18, 2008

Fourth Annual Security Conference: NATO Transformation - Facing New Security Frontiers – 28-29 April 2006

Third Annual Security Conference: Security Risks and Transformation -Euro-Atlantic and Regional Perspectives – 19-20 November 2005

EU Prospects and Security in South Eastern Europe: Hidden Economy, Transborder Crime and Development – 28-29 October 2005

Seminar: Security Perceptions and Doctrinal Approaches: Designing and Implementing Security Strategies – 13-14 October 2005

Security and Society Forum “ Cooperative Security ''– 21 April 2005

Second Annual International Conference: NATO, EU and the New Risks: A Southeast Europe Perspective- 29-30 October 2004

Countering the New Security Challenges: the Experience of Norway and Bulgaria – 23 June 2004

Round table with John Mroz: The Future of Security in Europe: The Role of EU and NATO Enlargement - November 4, 2003

International conference: Shaping a Common Security Agenda for Southeast Europe -New Approaches and Shared Responsibilities - September 5-6, 2003


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