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The new security agenda

CSD has been working on the linkages between a number of organized crime aspects and corruption for several years. It assesses the risks of the symbiosis between organized crime and security services in Bulgaria and the region. The Center also carries studies on drug trafficking and small arms and light weapons control. As part of its partnership with law enforcement institutions in Europe and US, CSD organizes a series of public lectures by European and US law enforcement officials and experts on the new trends in fighting the international organized crime.



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Public Discussion: National and International Security in the 21st Century
On 28 July 2011 the Center for the Study of Democracy in cooperation with the Southeast Europe Development Initiative and the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense hosted in the Sofia Military Club, a public discussion on national and international security in the 21st century. The keynote speaker was General James Jones, former National Security Advisor to President Obama and Supreme Allied Commander Europe, joined by the Bulgarian Minister of Defense Anu Anguelov. more »
Round table Organized Crime in Bulgaria: Markets and Trends
On December 12, 2007 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a round table Organized Crime in Bulgaria: Markets and Trends. more »
Round Table on Crime Surveys
On 19 June 2006 the CSD team which developed the Crime Trends in Bulgaria Report met with Jon Simmons, Director – Strategic Research and Data at the UK Home Office at a round table on crime victimization surveys.The discussion focused on the strengths and limitations of the various survey methodologies and their implications for performance evaluation. more »


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‘The rifle has the devil inside’, Gun Culture in South Eastern Europe
This report examines how cultural beliefs and practices influence gun ownership and use in SEE, and how these might affect SALW control interventions. It was initially researched by the Center for the Study of Democracy, Bulgaria during Autumn 2005 and Spring 2006. more »
Security Risks and Transformation - Euroatlantic and Regional Perspectives
This publication summarizes the discussions at the International Security Conference "Security Risks and Transformation - Euroatlantic and Regional Perspectives" held in November 19-20, 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference discussions benefited from the participation of the Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev, Supreme Allied Commander Europe General James Jones, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Ivailo Kalfin, Minister of Defense Vesselin Bliznakov, Minister of the Interior Rumen Petkov and other senior oficials from Southeast Europe (SEE). more »
NATO, EU and the New Risks: A Southeast Europe Perspective
The present publication summarizes the discussions at the international conference NATO, EU and the New Risks: A Southeast Europe Perspective held on October 29-30, 2004 in Sofia. more »
Taming the Arsenal: Small Arms and Light Weapons in Bulgaria
The report summarizes the findings of a research conducted on questions relating to small arms and light weapons in Bulgaria from July to November 2004. more »

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Security and stability in South East Europe is challenged by organised crime, corruption, illegal migration, human trafficking and the unlawful trade in small arms. These activities have the potential to weaken governments. They are a ball and chain around the ankle of progress. And they tarnish the image of some parts of South East Europe. I acknowledge that a number of measures are being taken to address these challenges. But even more needs to be done. It is essential that the rule of law be strengthened. The police forces must be made more accountable and the judiciary must be seen to be both robust and independent. And border security must be improved.

Ambassador Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, NATO Deputy Secretary General at the Second Annual Security Conference, 29-30 Oct., 2004