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Public discussion: Drug Markets and Organized Crime in Bulgaria
On December 11, 2003 CSD hosted a public discussion on drug markets and the organized crime in Bulgaria.

Dr. Ognian Shentov, CSD Chairman, briefed the audience on the work of the Center to assess drug consumption in Bulgaria. He pointed to the gravity of the problem highlighting the fact that drugs business had a major share in the grey sector of the country and drugs criminal networks were a "backbone" of the organized crime in Bulgaria.

Mr. Tihomir Bezlov, Coordinator of the Expert Group on Assessing Drug Consumption in Bulgaria and Dr. Yulian Karadzhov from the presented the findings of the Drug Markets in Bulgaria analysis, which looks into the structure and organization of drug distribution in Bulgaria. The two experts pointed to the specifics of the markets cartelization, annual revenues, hierarchy in the drug networks and the role of the organized crime for developing these markets.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior General Boyko Borissov announced that according to the latest operative data and analyses synthetic drugs were penetrating very quickly into the country. He called those psychoactive substances more "insidious" than heroin because of their attractive forms. General Borissov made a parallel between the Bulgairan drug networks and those operating in Europe and said that the last ones had a stronger hierarshy and it was far more difficult to make a connection between the separate levels. He assumed that the latest murders of Bulgarians, considered to be the major narcobosses in the country, were due to their intervention into the dealings of foreign drug structures.

In conclusion, Dr. Shentov said that countering drug distribution in the country required not only law enforcement but also adequate economic measures.

The Drug Market in Bulgaria analysis
Media coverage (available only in Bulgarian)
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