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Corruption in Education
A recurring, yet reluctantly admitted social problem in Bulgaria is the delay of reforms in education. As an integral part of the public sphere education is per-se vulnerable to corruption and this is a fact that has been confirmed by the regular corruption monitoring surveys of Coalition 2000. Although corruption in education is no new issue for East European transition democracies, anticorruption endeavors of both civil society and the government in Bulgaria have not yet addressed it.

The current initiative undertaken by Coalition 2000 aims to shed more light on this set of questions: first, by prompting a policy debate on the problems of corruption in education, and second, by mobilizing the efforts of both government and civil society in the quest for effective reforms in the educational system.

As a follow-up of the first attempt to launch a public debate involving all major stakeholders at the end of September 2003, Coalition 2000 prepared a web-based data bank comprising surveys, case studies and best practices in that area in Bulgaria and abroad.


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