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Videoconference: Presentation of the World Development Report 2005
On April 18, 2005 Ms. Mary Hallward-Driemeier, Deputy Director for the World Development Report (WDR) presented the key issues of the 2005 WDR and its implications for the SEE countries at a videoconference at the Center for the Study of Democracy. The event connected representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, USA, and Macedonia.

The videoconference was opened by Mr. Oscar de Bruyn Kops, World Bank Country Manager for Bulgaria. Mr. de Bruyn Kops stressed on the message which the 27th issue of the Report sends – progress is more than making changes, it is about consistency in behavior and implementation. He characterized the investment climate as “the key ingredient of economic growth” and highlighted its importance to improving not only profits but outcomes to society as a whole.

Ms. Hallward-Driemeier presented the major conclusions of the Report based on surveys of nearly 30,000 firms in 53 developing countries, country case studies and other research data. She pointed out that the focus of government policy should be the domestic private sector, which contributes more to the growth than FDI. She also linked the improvement of investment climate to the growth and poverty reduction. The implications of competitive pressure and its relationship to productivity in Bulgaria were presented by the discussant Mr. Georgi Stoeff, Managing Partner, Industry Watch Group.

The theme of the 2005 World Development Report is “A Better Investment Climate for Everyone”. The report focuses on what governments can do to improve the investment climates of their societies in order to increase growth and reduce poverty. It argues that improving the investment climate should be top priority for the governments of all SEE countries. The Report explores questions about key features of a good investment climate, good practices and ways to improve the investment climate in developing and transition countries.

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A Better Investment Climate for Everyone, presentation by Ms. Mary Hallward-Driemeier, Deputy Director for the World Development Report
Comments from the discussant, Mr. Georgi Stoeff, Managing Partner, Industry Watch Group
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