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Index of Hidden Economy: Press Conference for the Results from the "Hidden Economy" Monitoring among the Population
On 1 February, 2005 at a press conference at the Center for the Study of Democracy experts from Coalition 2000 and the sociological agency Vitosha Research presented the dynamics of the Hidden Economy Index among the population for the period 2002 – 2004.

The general level of hidden economy among the population remains unchanged - about 1/3 of the economic activity stays concealed. The changes in the components of the Index of Hidden Economy reveal more diverse dynamics. Hidden employment and the share of the population who do not pay in full social and healthcare security contributions have increased in the last nine months and even slightly surpass the levels from the end of 2002. The Government’s failure to complement its administrative measures for obligatory registration of all labor contracts, as of 2003, with tangible improvement in the administrative environment, preserves the balance of incentives for the business in favor of the hidden economy. The level of confidence in public institutions and services also remains low. On the other hand the Index marks a decrease in the natural economy employment, which is a result of the gradual penetration of market forces in traditional home-made production spheres.

The Hidden Economy Index among the population is part of the Hidden Economy Monitoring System of Coalition 2000. A similar index is being elaborated for the representatives of the business.

Media Coverage (available only in Bulgarian)
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