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Information Technologies against Corruption (available only in Bulgarian)
Download text in Bulgarian (PDF, 740 kb)

The reader is the latest edition of anti-corruption series of Coalition 2000 to which CSD serves as Secretariat. The reader is published by one of the Coalition 2000's founding organizations - Applied Research and Communication Fund.
The manual addresses the role of Information Technologies (IT) in public sector reform. It focuses on "the information age" and addresses the need for a comprehensive administrative reform agenda integrated with use of IT. The authors discuss some critical issues that emerge in the process of administrative reform. They provide evidence and figures suggesting that government and public sector organizations are ill-prepared for "the information age". In fact, many existing organizational structures, hierarchies and procedures in government were designed for a different era. IT, together with greater transparency, flatter organizational structures, and simpler procedures can help tackle some of the maladies of government. When used strategically IT can reduce red-tape, improve the quality of citizen-government interface, and increase transparency and public accountability.
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