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Referral to legal assistance for victims of human trafficking
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The report 'Referral to legal assistance in the case of victims of human trafficking' was developed within the framework of an initiative for strengthening multidisciplinary cooperation to ensure effective referral, assistance and protection of the rights of victims of human trafficking, uniting the efforts of experts from Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, Spain and Sweden. Victims of human trafficking face frequent challenges, especially regarding legal assistance and representation that should be available throughout the criminal proceedings. The development of a legal assistance referral strategy is a pressing issue due to the fact that in many countries, there is no proper strategy concerning the identification-referral-assistance for victims of human trafficking, or strategies are applied in practice incompletely and with limited effectiveness. In addition, more should be achieved in terms of cross-border cooperation of the victims’ lawyers from countries of origin and destination due to the transnational dimension of human trafficking and the necessity for legal procedures in both countries.
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