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The Bulgarian Energy Sector until 2050
The Bulgarian government has been successful in reaching the 2020 target of at least 16% of the energy consumption of the country to come from renewable energy sources (RES). Expanding the share of the RES in the country’s power generation to the levels ensuring more than 90% decarbonisation of the electricity sector, consistent with the EU policy framework, would be a much greater challenge with a far-reaching impact on the Bulgarian nuclear and coal policies.

The Budapest-based Regional Center for Energy Policy Research (REKK), the Technical University in Vienna, the Belgrade-based Electricity Coordination Centre (EKC) and the Hungarian consultancy, OG Research in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) developed a South-East Europe Regional Electricity Roadmap (SEERMAP) based on a scenario-building exercise using European Commission approved modelling techniques and assumptions, for the almost complete decarbonisation of electricity generation by 2050.


Priorities for the National Energy and Climate Plan until 2030: decentralization and decarbonization
Envisioning the transition to low carbon energy
Governance Practices in the Transition to a Low-carbon Future
South East Europe Electricity Roadmap until 2050: Decarbonization and Decentralization
Priorities for the Bulgarian Energy Sector until 2050: European Perspectives and Strategic Vulnerabilities
The EU Energy Union and the Russian Gas Projects: Energy Choices and Energy Security in Europe
Good Governance Agenda for Southeast Europe: Risks and Challenges Towards an EU Energy Union
The Present and the Future of Russia’s Oil and Gas Policy
Europe and Energy Security: The Coming Winter and Beyond
Energy Security and State Capture Risks in Europe
Energy (In)Security in Bulgaria: National Policy and European Perspectives
Energy Security in the Black Sea Region in the Wake of the Ukrainian Crisis
Bulgaria’s Energy Security Risk Index
Bulgaria’s Energy Security Risk Index
Energy Security of Bulgaria: European and International Framework


Development of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Sources in Bulgaria: Legislative and Administrative Challenges
CSD Policy Brief No. 79: Decentralisation and Democratisation of the Bulgarian Electricity Sector: Bringing the Country Closer to the EU Climate and Energy Core
CSD Policy Brief No. 70: A Roadmap for the Development of the Bulgarian Electricity Sector within the EU Until 2050: Focus on Fundamentals
South East Electricity Roadmap (SEERMAP) Report
South East Europe Electricity Roadmap 2050 - infographic
SEERMAP Bulgaria Country Report
CSD Policy Brief No. 67: Turkey in The Framework of the EU Energy Union: Energy Security and Governance Risks
CSD Policy Brief No. 62: Energy Security Risks and the Case for Natural Gas Diversification
CSD Policy Brief No. 58: Transparent Governance for Greater Energy Security in CEE
Policy Tracker: EU and Russia’s Energy Policy at the Backdrop of the South Stream Pipeline
Energy Sector Governance and Energy (In)Security in Bulgaria
Media note: Energy in(security): the parliament’s decision on the South Stream pipeline increases the risks for Bulgaria’s energy security
CSD Policy Brief No. 40: Bulgaria's Energy Security Risk Index
Media Note: Energy Saving Technologies in the Bulgarian Residential Sector
Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline: Challenges and Prospects for the Black Sea countries and the Balkans
Green Energy Governance in Bulgaria at a Crossroads
Energy and Good Governance in Bulgaria. Trends and Policy Options
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