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CSD awarded five stars from Transparify
In the 2016 Transparify ranking, the Center for the Study of Democracy is awarded five stars for a second time, along with two SELDI members from Montenegro – the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) and Institute Alternative (IA). Transparify, a non-profit initiative based in Georgia (Caucasus), provides the first-ever global rating of the financial transparency of 200 major think tanks in 47 countries. In doing so, the CSOs are able to be highlighted internationally as organisations that take pride in disclosing information. Five-star institutions are role models in the field, which make it easy for an engaged citizen to find out who supports their work, and any of their specific projects. Transparify discovered that in 2016 an unprecedented number of policy research and advocacy organizations are now broadly or highly transparent, publishing the names of their donors and information on the amounts given by each donor on their websites.

For more information:
Transparify five-star rating
Report: How Transparent and Think Thanks about Who Funds Them 2016?
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