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CSD Brief No 1: Corruption in the Higher Education
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The first issue of the CSD Brief focuses on the need of reforms aimed at making Bulgarian universities more open and accountable institutions of public learning. A heated public debate on these issues opened up in September, 2003 when the Corruption Monitoring System of Coalition 2000 registered a substantial increase in the bribery demands on citizens by university professors. As a follow-up Coalition 2000 conducted a number of round tables and public discussions with wide array of stakeholders who identified a couple of areas of reform necessary in the higher education: exam mechanisms, textbooks and reference materials publishing, payment of university professors and staff, improving the mechanism for university registration, etc. In addition, Coalition 2000 published a number of educational manuals used as supporting teaching materials for the delivery of courses on anti-corruption education courses both in higher and secondary education institutions, as well as in anti-corruption training seminars for public officials.

Anticorruption Education Manual, 2000, 1st edition (available only in Bulgarian)
Coruption in a 100 Answers Manual, 2000 (available only in Bulgarian)
Corruption and Anticorruption Reader, 2002 (available only in Bulgarian)
Anticorruption Education Manual, 2003, 2nd edition (available only in Bulgarian)
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