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Country reports on Vulnerable Groups of Inmates
Country report - Belgium (Adobe PDF, 380 KB)
Country report - Bulgaria (Adobe PDF, 428 KB)
Country report - Germany (Adobe PDF, 459 KB)
Country report - Lithuania (Adobe PDF, 536 KB)
Country report - Spain (Adobe PDF, 493 KB)

The country reports on vulnerable groups of inmates consider the situation of selected groups of prisoners qualified by UN as vulnerable due to their special position in the prisons of Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania and Spain. Each paper researches the availability of legal provisions in the respective country which possibly neutralise these groups’ vulnerabilities as well as practices which authorities and NGOs implement towards these groups.

The reports are a part of the Re-socialization of offenders in the EU: enhancing the role of the civil society (RE-SOC) initiative, coordinated by the Center for the Study of Democracy.
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