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International Workshop: The experience of European police anti-corruption units - Austria, Belgium and the UK
Between January 28 and February 1, 2013 in the town of Pravets CSD organized an International workshop called The experience of European police anti-corruption units: Austria, Belgium and the UK. The workshop took place within the framework of Enhancing Police Internal Affairs Departments project. The official opening of the seminar was attended by Mr. Rumen Ganev, Director of Internal Security Directorate in the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Emil Stoinev, Director of Inspectorate Directorate in the Ministry of Interior, and Mr. Genu Eduard Radu, Deputy General Director of Anti-corruption General Directorate at the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Bulgarian and Romanian police officers from the police Internal Affairs departments of the two countries became acquainted with the best practices for preventing and fighting police corruption in the UK, Belgium and Austria.

The guest trainers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) presented the roles of various anti-corruption bodies and their powers in the UK. They stressed the importance of focused intelligence collection in support of anti-corruption investigations and described the National Intelligence Model used by law enforcement agencies in the country. Special attention was paid to the different types of witnesses providing information and the procedures for protection of whistleblowers. The trainers showed the use of intelligence-led integrity tests that create a realistic condition or situation designed to assess police officers’ conduct, behaviour and professional standards.

The speakers from Belgium informed the participants about the activities of the Central Office for Combating Corruption (OCRC) and the General Inspectorate of the Federal and Local Police (AIG). The OCRC’s representative presented the special procedure for investigating public procurement frauds in cooperation with OLAF. The speakers presented concrete examples of forming Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) between two or more Member States in cases of international and cross-border crimes. Attention was paid to the case management database of AIG, an important tool not only for statistical purposes, but also for streamlining the reporting on investigations.

The workshop participants had the opportunity to participate in interactive training led by the representatives of the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-corruption (BAK). Austrian speakers described the analysis tool they use for completed investigations. Its purpose is to examine individual cases of corruption, various forms of corruption, the reasons behind them, and legislative and procedural weaknesses.
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