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Consulting arms of CSD: Vitosha Research and Project One

Vitosha Research EOOD and Project One EOOD are wholly owned by CSD and form the CSD Group. Vitosha Research EOOD had started as one of the programs of CSD dealing with sociological issues and in 2000 was set up as a separate commercial company aiming to support the long term financial sustainability of CSD through involvement in survey research and consultancy projects. The Executive Director of the company is the Director of Research of CSD.

Project One EOOD was founded after consultations with the auditing company KPMG in order to enable CSD’s participation in tenders and consultancy projects on the territory of Bulgaria and the EU. Project One was also charged with the management of CSD investment activities. The Manager of Project One EOOD is the Executive Director of CSD. The three organizations use interchangeably their facilities, human and financial resources in order to better achieve their goals, while observing distinct separation of CSD Group’s commercial and non-commercial activities.

Vitosha Research EOOD specializes in social and opinion research at the regional, national and international level. In the period 2001-2011, in cooperation with Gallup Europe and Gallup Hungary, Vitosha Research EOOD has been responsible for the implementation of the Eurobarometer and Flash Eurobarometer surveys in Bulgaria.

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