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Energy Security and Energy Governance
The governance of Bulgaria’s energy sector is faced with a number of problems of a technical, legal, and institutional nature. Recent audits of the implementation of large energy infrastructure projects and the pricing mechanisms have exposed some serious governance issues:

  • A lack of sound energy strategy with clear priorities;
  • Apparent conflicts of interest at the highest political level, leading to suspicions of corruption;
  • Poor management of state enterprises;
  • An absence of adequate independent oversight and numerous monopolistic abuses at the consumers’ expense;
  • A lack of information on the pricing mechanisms and on the principles of stimulating the different fuels in the energy mix;
  • Politically motivated privatization of assets and uncontrolled access of questionable capital to the energy sector.

The dynamic international environment places additional pressures on the national energy policy and requires careful planning and public consensus in deciding future priorities for the sector. Bulgaria has become one of the EU member-states, which have not been able to implement on time the EU rules and regulations, and which administration lacks the capacity to foresee the effects of the new directives on the consumers and the wider public.

The Bulgarian government needs to come up with a comprehensive data-based energy strategy, which should ensure the supply of more and better information to the Bulgarian public. The available data on the Bulgarian energy security situation shows that as one of the high import dependent and energy intensive economies in Europe, Bulgaria should focus on three priorities:

  • improve energy efficiency in the households and in the industry;
  • diversify energy sources, in particular in gas supply;
  • improve energy sector governance and transparency and reduction of non-technological losses.


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