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Examining the Links between Organized Crime and Corruption
Table of Contents (Adobe PDF, 41,9 KB)
Executive Summary (Adobe PDF, 274 KB)
Introduction (Adobe PDF, 123 KB)
Evidence from Literature (Adobe PDF, 335 KB)
Mapping Corruption and Organised Crime in the EU (Adobe PDF, 224 KB)
Organised Crime, Corruption and Public Bodies (Adobe PDF, 299 KB)
Organised Crime, Corruption, and the Private Sector (Adobe PDF, 181 KB)
Corruption and Criminal Markets (Adobe PDF, 381 KB)
Conclusions and Recommendations (Adobe PDF, 83,5 KB)
Annex 1: Case Study - Italy (Adobe PDF, 124 KB)
Annex 2: Case Study - The Netherlands (Adobe PDF, 107 KB)
Annex 3: Case Study - Spain (Adobe PDF, 176 KB)
Annex 4: Case Study - Bulgaria (Adobe PDF, 176 KB)
Annex 5: Case Study - Greece (Adobe PDF, 149 KB)
Annex 6: Case Study - France
Annex 7: Methodology (Adobe PDF, 110 KB)
Annex 8: Statistical Analysis
Annex 9: List of Indicators and Indexes Used in Statistical Analysis (Adobe PDF, 47,4 KB)
Annex 10: Organised Crime and Corruption in Russia - Review of Literature (Adobe PDF, 72,4 KB)
Annex 11: Organised Crime and Corruption in the Western Balkans - Review of Literature (Adobe PDF, 72,6 KB)
Bibliography (Adobe PDF, 139 KB)
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