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Ombudsman Institution – Concept Paper and Draft Law for Bulgaria. Foreign Legislation
Full text (Adobe PDF, 868 KB, only in Bulgarian)

The Center for the Study of Democracy Law Program has prepared the edition “Ombudsman Institution – Concept Paper and Draft Law for Bulgaria. Foreign Legislation”. The publication, which is a part of the CSD Law Program project for introducing the People’s Defender and Civic Mediators institutions in Bulgaria, is published with the assistance of the Information and Documentation Center of the Council of Europe in Sofia.

The collection contains a Concept Paper on the legal opportunities for establishing these institutions in Bulgaria, together with the draft Law on the People’s Defender and Civic Mediators, both worked out by the experts to the CSD Law Program. It offers an accessible set of rules by which citizens can observe and respond to the new challenges in society in a period of considerable changes in this country.

Introducing the Ombudsman institution means that Bulgaria is becoming a more democratic and civil rights respecting state. The institution is a successful mechanism for human rights defense with a strong emphasis on the principles of good governance. The publication is aimed to acquaint the public with the characteristics and the significance of the institution by offering a short overview of its development in various countries together with a comprehensive analysis on the Bulgarian environment to be established in as well.

The edition includes foreign Ombudsman Acts, which served as a basis for drafting the Law for Bulgaria. They are both from countries with strong traditions in this area (Sweden, Canada and Spain) and from transition countries, in which the institution has been recently established (Poland, Hungary, Macedonia and Romania).

The complete set of legislative acts on the European Ombudsman is also included. Knowing more about this particular institution is of great importance for Bulgaria’s continuing efforts for European Union accession.

The book is an essential reading for lawyers, public administrators, politicians, newcomers to the legislative world, who need to maintain their edge at the front of developments in society.

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