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The Coalition 2000 Initiative was launched in April 1998 with the aim to fight corruption in Bulgarian society through a process of co-operation among NGOs, governmental institutions and individuals. The main objective of the USAID-supported Coalition 2000 is to enhance the awareness, adoption and practical implementation of democratic values such as transparency, trust, and integrity. Following the development and wide national endorsement of a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Action Plan , Coalition 2000 now steers an annual process of assessment of the political, institutional and legal developments in the country as regards corruption. The Coalition also produces assessment and policy reports in specific areas (e.g. trafficking, judiciary, gray economy, etc). The Coalition encourages the capacity building for key public institutions - Coalition 2000 has been the main proponent of the creation of the Ombudsman institution in Bulgaria. Having drafted the legislation that establishes the institution, the Coalition is now working on building the capacity of the national and local Ombudsman offices. The Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) of Coalition 2000 consists of a set of quantitative and qualitative monitoring instruments and generates information about the structure and dynamics of corrupt behavior, the scope and dynamics of corruption related attitudes, assessments and expectations of the general public, of public sector officials, and of specific social and professional groups. The Coalition supports the anti-corruption work of NGOs through a small grants program. See more on Coalition 2000

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