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The European Program focuses its work on a broad range of security issues. Since 2001, its cutting edge criminological research has shaped Bulgaria’s policy debate on organised crime. This research built upon on the European Program’s work on NATO and EU enlargement issues, as well as its analyses on arms export controls. The European Program works on research commissioned or supported by the European Commission (DG Home Affairs). It is also involved in various international research projects and research networks on crime and security issues. The European Program works closely with other CSD programs in providing cross-disciplinary analysis on policy issues such as migration, corruption, grey economy, criminal justice, and human rights.

CSD’s efforts in the field of European integration began with the launching of the project Europe 2000: Bulgaria and the European Union in late 1994. This project started as a pioneer analysis of issues related to the implementation of Bulgaria's EU Association Agreement under a Service Contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later evolved into a comprehensive long-term effort aimed at facilitating Bulgaria's accession to the EU.

Since 2001 the main focus shifted towards the justice and home affairs (JHA) aspects of the the Euro-Atlantic integration agenda which incorporated the problems of corruption, organized crime, trafficking and security sector reform.

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