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Countering Malign Russian Influence and Propaganda in Moldova
In the last years Russia has reinforced the use of media propaganda and disinformation as one of its major instruments for exercising malign influence over national internal and foreign policies in the Central and Eastern European countries, in favor of the Kremlin’s economic and political interests. more »
Decentralisation and democratisaion of Bulgaria’s energy sector: reaching EU’s main energy and climate goals
Lack of consistency in the field of energy policies, insufficient administrative capacity as well as heavy administrative and tax burdens are among the main obstacles preventing Bulgaria to unlock its huge potential for the decentralization of electricity generation. These were some of the points outlined by the speakers in the “Decentralisation and democratisaion of Bulgaria’s energy sector: reaching EU’s main energy and climate goals” round table. more »
Energy Security Risks and Energy Security Agenda in Southeast Europe
Overcoming the energy security risks of Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe including the widespread energy poverty, low energy efficiency and dependence on one supplier of oil and gas remains a distant perspective. The diversification of the natural gas supply has stalled and the liberalization of cross-border gas trading is yet to be unlocked. more »

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