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Organised crime has been one of the key areas of research for over a decade for CSD. Over this period numerous studies on criminal markets and activities have been conducted. CSD has partnered with national (Ministry of Interior and the Main Directorate Combating Organised Crime) or international law-enforcement agencies (Serious Organised Crime Agency (UK), Bundeskriminalamt, and Europol), or international organizations (UNODC) in implementing projects or conducting research. Since 2007 CSD through its consulting arm Project One EOOD has carried out research on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate General Justice Freedom and Security (DG JLS) throughout all 27 EU Member States, partnering with the leading criminologists throughout Europe. Research articles of CSD’s researchers have appeared in international peer-reviewed journals and other peer-reviewed publications. CSD researchers are also active in the public policy dialogue on organized crime through regular appearance on all leading TV and radio networks, or as contributors to daily and weekly newspapers.



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The Links Between Crime and Terrorism in Europe
Radicalisaiton and terrorism are among the most pressing security threats in the European Union. The possible interaction or convergence between conventional and organised criminals on the one hand and extremists on the other can amplify the risks presented by both security issues. more »
Bulgarian Organized Crime Threat Assessment
Тhe Center for the Study of Democracy organised a round table to discuss the findings of the Bulgarian Organized Crime Threat Assessment (BOCTA) report prepared with the financial support of the European Union Internal Security Fund. more »


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Financing of Organised Crime: Human Trafficking in Focus
The report Financing of Organised Crime: Human Trafficking in Focus contributes to a better understanding of the financial aspects of this infamous phenomenon. The analysis explores the sources and mechanisms of the financing of trafficking in human beings, settlement of payments, access to financing in critical moments, costs of business, and the management of profits. The report draws on the findings of nine in-depth country case studies in Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom. more »
Bulgarian Organised Crime Threat Assessment
The 2017 Bulgarian Organised Crime Threat Assessment uncovers the major trends and dynamics in the country’s main criminal markets during the last several years. The current analysis indicates shrinking of traditionally robust criminal areas, such as the illegal trade in cigarettes and organised VAT fraud, while the illegal trade in fuels and the use and distribution of marijuana are experiencing growth. more »

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